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Big Al
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An interesting phenomenon I noticed this year was the large number of people wearing t-shirts of bands that were not playing M3 this year.  Is this considered a way to cast a vote for a band that you'd like to see at future M3s?

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i don't think that it's promoting a band for future festivals as much as a way of everyone showing their love for a particular band or showing where you have been. I find it fun to look at  others t shirts to see what tours they may have seen. And I dont know about anyone else but I put thought into what shirts i'm gonna where to concerts. I was able to find the only other person in that whole place that was also wearing an Andrew W.K. shirt, the guy came over shook my hand and said nice shirt. 

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I thought it was awesome seeing T-shirts from obscure bands.  Here are some of the bands I noticed:  D.A.D., Sleeze Beez, Icon, Crashdiet, Lizzy Borden, and I saw a guy on lawn with an ANGEL shirt.   



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Big Al, the M3Rockers FB group did a survey. The data was posted in the Files section of the group. Come join and check it out: https://www.facebook.com/groups/m3rockers

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I absolutely love looking and giving people compliments on the cool band/tour shirts they wear,not only at M3,but at concerts in general. It's always fun to talk and trade stories with people about the bands we love and tours we've seen throughout the years. This year at M3,a friend of mine wore a Giuffria shirt Friday night and then an Aldo Nova "Blood On The Bricks" shirt Saturday...how rad and rare is that?!!


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